Evelyn Bhatt Author Biography

I was born in a small village in Ireland where the mountains of Mourne sweep down to the sea – you may have heard of the song! I lived there with my loving parents and 6 siblings until I was 18 and then came to England to university. I now life in Liverpool with my husband Vip and my 3 lovely sons. We have a very busy family life full of fun, laughter oh and yes homework! I’m very lucky to travel back to Ireland several times a year with friends and family and enjoy hiking in the mountains of Mourne – weather permitting! And yes, I do have an overflowing odd sock bin, convinced that one day I will find their match. When talking to others I don’t think I’m the only one!

I studied a degree in nutrition and dietetics and 20 years ago myself, one of my sisters and a few others set up a company in Liverpool to develop and market specialised nutrition products for rare conditions in children. I have been very fortunate over these years to travel both around the UK and internationally and work with fantastic Children’s Hospitals were these children sometimes visit. More importantly, I have been fortunate to meet and spend time with some of these super special children and their fantastic families. For this reason, I wanted a percentage of the proceeds of my books to go towards the charities of some of these fantastic hospitals. So, if you buy these books you are helping too, thank you for your support. 

I don’t know if I consciously set out to write a set of picture books for children but when the idea of writing about the odd socks that I constantly find around my house and end up in my dreaded sock bin came to me I couldn’t resist. One of my most precious times was reading the boys their bedtime story when they were little – no matter how tired they were (or me!) they always insisted on a tale from their favourite books. Now they are older, those times bring back very happy memories. It is a precious time-sharing story with your children and seeing their little imaginations grow.  I have so enjoyed writing the stories and creating the different sock characters – I hope you do too!



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