Evelyn Bhatt

Hi, my name is Evelyn Bhatt, a very warm welcome to my website. I have started writing a series of short stories for children based on characters that are socks - The Lost Sock Tales.

Why socks? – Well my house is full of odd socks – where do they all get to? So, I keep them in a sock bin, which is overflowing, determined one day to find their partner! So, I never throw any out. One day as I was picking up yet another stray sock, I said to my husband – “you know I could write a story about this” so I did! Well several really – but more on that later.


Meet Super Sock

Super Sock

Meet Super Sock, he helps me to provide some money from the royalties of my book to various charities. 

My background is as a dietitian working for a clinical nutrition company who develop special medical products for very rare conditions in children. Over the years I have worked with lots of great children’s hospitals around the world and so with my debut book I want a percentage of the proceeds to go to the charities of some of these fantastic hospitals. Therefore, by buying this book you will be helping raise money for this great cause – thank you for your support.


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